Are you on Medicare or will you be going on Medicare? Are you confused about your options? Such as, what is the difference between a supplement and an advantage plan? What is prescription drug coverage? Let a local trusted licensed agent help you make decisions that best fit your needs.

Original medicare gives you coverage A & B:
• Coverage A – hospital
• Coverage B – doctor, outpatient, tests
• Original medicare covers 80% of medicare approved services and has deductibles you are eligible for original medicare when you reach 65 or are under 65 and have been receiving social security disability for 24 months.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

Are you on Medicare or will you be going on Medicare and/or confused about your options? This is where JAE Insurance sits down with you and walks you through all the differences to make an informed decision.

Medicare Supplement Information

Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplements work along with your original Medicare plans and help to fill the gaps where your Medicare doesn't pay.

Prescription Drug Plans

As simple as it sounds - Prescription drug plans help to cover the costs of your doctor prescribed medications. 

What if I'm not eligible?

If you are not eligible to purchase an individual plan on the marketplace, there are plans available “off the marketplace” with various deductibles and co-insurance options.